KettleWorx Reviews and Do KettleWorx Work?

Overall 366stars KettleWorx Reviews and Do KettleWorx Work?

kettleworx1 278x300 KettleWorx Reviews and Do KettleWorx Work?Kettlebells are the ‘new black’ for sure.  Everyone is raving about kettlebells in general.  But what are KettleWorx and are the results really as good as the KettleWorx reviews make out?  If you already know all about KettleWorx, you can cut to the chase if you’d prefer and go directly to  But for anyone looking for some real users KettleWorx reviews on this program, including identification of what to be careful about when looking at this type of good at home workouts, then read on.

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How Does KettleWorx Work?

It’s a six-week ‘transformation’ by certified kettlebells instructor Ryan Shanahan, using the special kettlebell made by KettleWorx.  The package includes 6 DVDs with an intro, a cardio DVD, Core, Resistance, Fast Abs and Fast Fat Burn DVDs.

Also included are a 5 lb kettlebell, another bonus 4 DVDs and the 6-week healthy eating ebook, plus for options there are heavier kettlebells.

The recommended minimum workout is just 20 minutes, three times a week.  The promoters say that the equivalent gym workout would take around 90 minutes.  That’s a lot of time saved.

What seems to be good about KettleWorx is that it uses the whole body and covers fat burning cardio, strength building core and muscle toning resistance.  In fact studies show that kettlebells provide “a much higher-intensity workout than standard weight-training routines and offer superior results in a short amount of time” (source ACE Study Results).  That’s good news for busy people like mums with kids to attend to or those working fulltime and really don’t have much spare time.

Kettlebells in general do seem to have a high intensity although potential injuries could be something to be concerned about.  Especially for people who are unfit at the start.  I’ve seen people at my gym use them and it does look a bit like you can easily hurt yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.  But it’s more important to listen to people who have actually used the product so read below.

What Are The KettleWorx Results From KettleWorx Reviews? 

Some people who regularly use kettlebells say the 5 lb kettlebell is not enough. This seems a good start for newbies to kettlebell exercises, but perhaps the more experienced may want to have one of the heavier options (there are options stated in the KettleWorx reviews).

KettleWorx Reviews From Real People

Kettlebells are a SERIOUS workout!! You can get more done in 30 minutes with those than just about anything else.   BuckeyeGirl,

I agree that Kettleworx isn’t a traditional workout and it has its oddities, like uneven counts.  However—I just completed Week 4, and my mirror reflection shows a me that is a lot more toned than when I started a month ago.   Carol S,

I’m a big Kettleworx enthusiast, so here goes:  … he does not give rests between exercises, so you get a good cardio w/o in addition to strength and core…he’s kind of a goof, but not obnoxious. I feel very exhilarated after the w/o, and my cardio endurance has really increased, as well as my core tightening up.   Mixxie,

I don’t really like him (in his first workout, he kept talking about “ripitude”.  His workouts are okay: kind of between ‘authentic’ KB workouts and those “kettlebell-lite” workouts.   Kathryn,

I have just I got the kettleworx core and cardio dvd’s. I do like them but not impressed with the way the DVD is put together. For example he says, “if you can’t feel this exercise, look at Kimberley and you can see it working” now in the whole core DVD every time that exercise is done they use that bit.  Tara40,

I followed the KettleWorX basic program for about 4 weeks. I liked it because each workout was short and I got further than I thought I would, considering many of the segments are repeated in every workout and that gets a little old.    Joni O,

Advantages Outlined In KettleWorx Reviews

  • KettleWorx can be easily moved around so you can train outside like at the park or even just in your backyard
  • Great all over workouts, making sure the whole body is exercised over the week
  • Provides short workouts that many people like
  • The program can easily be personalized once you understand the basic moves

Disadvantages Outline In KettleWorx Reviews

  • Some may find the 5 lb weight not enough, but then there is an option of a heavier weight
  • Seems the DVDs are DVD-R so you need to make sure your DVD player can accept DVD-R (most do, but some don’t) – remember the format is NTSC
  • Poor quality content in the DVD

KettleWorx Coupon

While there may be some coupons around, the KettleWorx coupon code is not easy to find.  On Amazon, free shipping may apply to orders in the US, depending on the volume of your purchase.

There is a six week money back guarantee for the product, which should give heaps of time to properly work out whether KettleWorx is for you or not.  Be warned though that shipping and handling costs will be taken from the refund amount so that’s a bit ambiguous.

KettleWorx International Shipping

KettleWorx fans from outside the States can also buy here.

Verdict from KettleWorx Reviews

Some of the forum feedback and KettleWorx reviews from real people indicates some caution should be taken with this product.  Initially the idea seemed sound, but on reviewing forums and comments, some people are not so happy with the quality of the DVDs and say that most of the DVDs seem exactly the same.  There is some concern about Ryan Shanahan’s quality of product.  However, there are quite a few supporters of this program too, answering “do KettleWorx work” in the positive.

Still the top recommendation of JillIan Michaels 30 Day Shred and the other Jillian Michaels programs remain more consistently popular with people looking for weight loss and fitness.  This is compared to the KettleWorx reviews which indicate results are more focused on fitness.

Want to make your own home workouts reviews?  Go ahead in the comments box. 

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